I discovered and studied screen printing in the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, as part of a course in Visual Art Practice. Since then, I have been experimenting and working on a many different projects. Translating your own design ideas into a textile print is such an interesting experience. There are various techniques from silk screen printing, photographic screen printing, heat transfer to block printing. They all involve a mix of traditional and contemporary approaches.

I enjoy printing on linen, cotton, recycled cotton fabric, a raw type of fabric if possible. The design takes another dimension on these types of fabric. This is when my trips to home (France) are so rewarding. I love going to a local fabric warehouse where you can find all types of good quality fabric. And also getting some beautiful vintage fabric from my mother is even better! I do enjoy printing on paper too which gives a smoother result for botanicals.

Lately I have been using natural plant extracts for printing which requires many hours of experiments and tests, but give such unexpected and soft results.

My inspiration? My surroundings, people, objects and my fascination with shapes and pattern.