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Hello everyone, I just wanted to share with you  the latest Feltmakers Ireland exhibition ‘Kaleidoscope: the changing shape of felt’ which is taking place in the Dublin Botanic Gardens until August 24. It is interesting to see different perspective on felting and the beautiful pieces exhibited. I will include some photos soon of the overall exhibition.  My piece named ‘Evidence’ comprises of nine handfelted little pods. It is an expression of the effect of time on crafted objects. Made with wool and copper metal leaf, they represent objects from the distant past and how time has affected their appearance. The effect of time shows differently on each one. Wool texture, representing nature, contrasts with the copper metal leaf, representing man made. The different type of wool used allowed me to bring slight textural differences and variation in colour. Felt exhibits are a wonderful way to showcase wool art. Meeting and talking about this ancient craft with interested people is such a sharing and rewarding experience.

(Click in portfolio section for more photos)

L’ exposition collective de Feltmakers Ireland, intitulée ‘Kaleidoscope: the changing shape of felt’, se tient actuellement dans les Jardins Botaniques de Dublin.
(Aller dans portfolio pour voir plus de photos de ma pièce feutrée exposée)

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