Creating with thread

Sewing was always part of my life, starting with my mother who was a dressmaker/seamstress and used to sew a lot when I was growing up. As a young girl, I sometimes made a dress or outfit for me or my doll with my mother’s help and it was very exciting to create what you wanted. I was surrounded by shelves of fabric. I did also experiment with a bit of tapesty but it is much later that I went back into sewing and then learned embroidery.

Attending Embroidered Textile Design in the National College of Art and Design opened a new world to me. I went on to take workshops with textile artists which gave me a solid background to build on. There are many stitches and techniques, which can be used to create on so many different and unimaginable surfaces. You can mix media and develop your own techniques. I really like the fact that embroidery allows me to work on a small scale, with small details.
I enjoy hand embroidery but also free motion machine embroidery. For me, it is like drawing, where the surface moves, instead of the ‘pen’ (needle in that case). This means many interesting effects that could only be obtained this way. With this type of textile art the possibilities are endless.

Now it is my turn to have shelves full of fabric and threads…