Fabienne is originally from western France. The daughter of a dressmaker, she was drawn early on to the process of creation. She lived in Germany and the US before coming to Ireland twenty years ago.

Her background is in Interior Architecture/Design. Working in that field reinforced her belief in the value of simple forms and that materials awake our senses. She also studied Visual Art Practice in NCAD Dublin, where she won a prize for her embroidery artwork.

She uses printmaking, natural dyeing and thread work to develop her artwork, which has evolved towards abstraction. She is inspired by observations of her surroundings, an experience or a moment in time.  Her influences include cubism and the Bauhaus movement.

She is fascinated by the urban landscape and her latest work explores the relationship between repetition, pattern and space and how it impact us.

Fabienne has taken a more experimental approach over the past few years by making and using  natural and plant based materials. The direct link to the raw material is fundamental to her work.

“How I perceive my surroundings, what engages my senses, drive what I do. I seek to capture a shape, an outline, an element and built upon this. By expressing myself, I can find a sense a balance between a sense of order and the unexpected.”

”By the way, if you are wondering… ‘GOAT’ is the abbreviation for Gabrielleonathread, a previous blog I started years ago.  Gabrielle was my grand-mother’s name. ”


Member of the Irish Guild of Embroiderers – IRL
Member of Feltmakers Ireland – IRL
Member of Surface Design Association – USA
Member of the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles – USA
Member of the Textile Study Group of New York – USA

Seen in:

  • Press:  Fiber Art Now magazine Spring 2017 – Evidence piece featured
  • TV:      TV Luxembourg 2015 – Exhibition “Avec 100g de laine” – Emoi piece featured
  • Exhibitions: France, Belgium, Ireland, USA –  2013-2020
Photo in gallery
studio photo